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Mom Pro Tip: Travel Tips for Small Kids

Karly, over at Mrs. Three in Three, recently made the 1000-mile journey from Arizona to Texas with four small children. Things like keeping pillows handy and packing plenty of Capri Sun can make sure your summer road trips stay in the fast lane of fun. 

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Family Fun Activity: Summer Reading Book Boxes

Over at The Educator’s Spin on It, they’ve got a quick and fun project that takes old Capri Sun boxes and turns the into a cute and personalized book crates for storing all your kiddos’ summer reading. 

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Beat the heat with Capri Sun


Sarah from In the Know Mom loves to explore the SoCal desert with her daughter. Capri Sun Roarin’ Waters Flavored Water Beverage is an easy choice to keep everyone hydrated as they explore the amazing scenery. 

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Summer’s all about the family fun


Now that school’s out, the whole family is looking at mom for something to do. Don’t worry, Brandi from Mama Knows it All has some family fun ideas and tips for being a #1 Momceirge this summer. 

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Mom Pro Tip: Keep Lunches Cool with Capri Sun


Sachiko Aidous from Tea Rose Home has an excellent tip for keeping her kiddos lunches cool. A frozen Capri Sun not only keeps everything fresh, but when the little ones are ready to eat lunch it makes for the perfect slushy treat.

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Happy Kids Make for a Happy Mom

With no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and the yummy taste kids love, Crystal Johnson of Little Bit Funky feels good about giving her kids an enthusiastic yes when they ask for Capri Sun.

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From Your Lunchbox to Theirs


Lindsay Ferrier from Suburban Turmoil remembers Capri Sun in her lunchbox from when she was a little girl, and now loves serving them to her kids. How long has Capri Sun been a part of your family’s life?

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Headed to the Park? Don’t Forget the Capri Sun


When Suzanne Steece from Steece’s Pieces has a day full of family activities planned, she knows there’s no better crowd pleaser than Capri Sun. It’s got the taste kids love and it’s filled with the ingredients moms love too.

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Snack Time Idea: Bite-Sized Veggies and Capri Sun


Melissa Mondragon from No. 2 Pencil serves up yummy veggies with a delicious homemade Greek yogurt ranch dip for a stress-free afterschool snack. She ups the goodness with Capri Sun Super V Fruit and Vegetable Juice Drink.

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Family Fun Activities: The Great Outdoors

Now that the weather is a little warmer, Angie Kauffman over at The Homeschool Classroom, has an awesome list of fun, family focused outdoor activities. Toss a couple of Capri Sun Super V Fruit and Vegetable Juice Drinks in your backpack and go exploring!

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